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Written by: admin on 21st May 2018

Singapore is one of the cleanest, safest and most beautiful cities in the world. Its orderliness and discipline also extends to the manner in which the trees lined yup in the main road are built (evenly at 20 frets apart). A very small city has been transformed to an ever hub over the years harboring virtually everything you request for when it comes to a hangout. Due to its great shopping deal, Singapore has been ranked as one if the best city to shop in, hence deriving the name a shoppers’ paradise. Fashion items ranging from small to luxurious merchandise is nothing to worry about.
No one gets hungry in the food crazed country where you can find food even at 3am in the morning. Did you hear me say 3am? Yes, this is the best place for a foodie to reside. Are you fascinated about electronics, gadgets, Singapore is your one stop shop for your every accessories. How would you feel walking in a street which is totally safe with midnight still rocking as day? All street in Singapore are well lighted that you find it needless differentiating night from day. Hangouts in Singapore are definitely not a difficult task to identify as there are thousands of places to hangout.

Are you a tourist, resident, on holiday or on a business trip to Singapore? This guide is for you as it will take you on everything you need to know about the best hangouts in Singapore. This guide will do well to touch every aspect ranging from restaurant, bars, hotels and many other more. Here are top exciting places to hangout while in Singapore.

  • Holland village – This is one of the most popular hoods amongst teens. Always calm during the day and filled with thousand of young people at sun set. It is a renowned place where people come to eat and drink boosting cafes and restaurants with perfect security measure put in place. Holland village is pedestrian friendly and convenient for a sit out with friends all through the night. This little village is located near MRT stations and various bus stop.
  • TheMerlion – A mystical image of half mermaid and half lions is a symbol of Singapore which thrills tourists and residence to a great sight. It derives its name “Merlion” from having the head of a mermaid and the body of a lion. This 8.6metre tall structure located near the waterfront is great for sight seeing and a wonderful place to hangout in Singapore.
  • The Esplanade – Esplanade nicknamed the Durian because it smells like the little durian fruits holds an amazing view with the Harry in there. There is also a little café and restaurant at the second floor and also a library. The café is a comfortable place to sit and work. You can have pleasure as well as business at same time.
  • Changing International Airport – Ranked as one of the best airport in the world having achieved a lot of award under its name is the changi international airport. It is a nice place to hangout as it holds reservations for both young and old with no restriction to age barrier. This airport holds all kind of facilities ranging from spa and fitness, swimming pool, medical clinics and pharmacies, restaurant and bars and much more. It is a sight no traveler would want to miss. There is a free Skytrain service transport for passengers to tour within the four terminals.
  • Fountain of Wealth – Singapore holds the largest fountain in the world located at the suntec’s city. There are lots of shows at night when the fountain is all lit up. This is one place where you can shake off the day’s stress.
  • Downtown East – A sight for children. Children love this place for its arcades and gaming centers. Downtown east also holds theme for all age range.
  • Singapore River – Cruise the Singapore River with its river taxi for some spectacular view of the city skyline. Take a view of the rejuvenated Singapore’s colonial building along the riverside with modern skyscrapers in its background.

Get out of your comfort and get a better comfort zone out there. Take a tour round Singapore and experience great place to hangout. Singapore – a city which holds every pleasure you so desire.

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