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26 July 2018
( 1223 days ago )
What Service are provide

I have been toying with my beautiful little sub Aria for years now. But I thought that it was about time that she came to play with me, in session.

She is a darling, a killer in the sack, and hangs off hungrily to my every word.

This is a rare opportunity to –
Dominate her with me;
Watch me dominate her; or
Both become my little submissive playthings

I have a preference to extract the sexiest little purrs and moans from her – through bondage, a little torture, and my all time favourite, a good dose of deep penetration.

I would highly recommend that you step on board and be the real life dildo that I can use on my sweet Aria.

But if you’re not up to the task, I may just use her to see how far we can take you to your erotic edges…

An experience with us is one of a kind. Aria is the ultimate in world-rocking pleasure, and I am the ultimate in world-class domination.

How a session may begin –

Picture yourself walking into our suite. I am dressed in my tightest latex and tell you to sit down tight, in a chair.
I slide open the bedroom door, revealing Aria, in her tiniest lingerie, kneeling and waiting, on the floor.

I command her to get up and to walk slowly towards you. I then tell her to undress you, slowly.

You go hard immediately, and so she releases you from your pants, first.

I tell her to stop, and I slip a cock strap on you – it only makes you harder. I then tell her to sit on your lap to undo your shirt.

Your cock somehow gets larger and larger.

I tell Aria to step back and remove her already tiny bra. She does. I then tell her to come to me.

I adore playing with Aria’s gorgeous nipples and take the opportunity to dress them with my finest nipple clamps. She moans a soft and beautiful warm moan. Her panties are getting wet, and so I tell her to take them off too.

I put her panties into your mouth.