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Singapore best Bars and Lounges

Posted on
16 January 2018
( 868 days ago )

Bars and lounges have drawn the attention of almost every one and keen interest in been taken when setting up one due to the fact that this is the best place where majority of people tend to cool off after a long day at work. It is important that whenever you find yourself in a new environment, you should be treated with the very best of places you visit to make your journey a long lasting memory. Our country of interest here is Singapore, so if you are planning to make a visit or already in Singapore, this is for you.


As Singapore turns into an international hub, it has lots of interesting bars and lounges and other forms of entertainment. Singapore best bar and lounges is a trending and hot topic as everyone is concerned about the best of places to relax after a long working hour. Singapore has thousands of good bars and lounges and this guide will expose you to the top most and very best of it giving you a clear insight to issues such as opening hours, dress code and conducts, rules guiding each bar and what makes them get such ranking. Here are the top best bars and lounges in Singapore.
Top bars and lounges in Singapore

Talking about best drinking spot in Singapore, the list is endless because all around Singapore giving standard to customers is the only concern. In this guide, we have singly picked those of the highest ranking as are as follows

  • CE LA VI – CE LA VI a common and reputable bar formerly known as KU DE TA is one of Singapore’s finest bar and lounge. This bar is exceptional as it is keen in giving the best of relaxation and services to customers. Sitting at the top Marina Bay Sand Complex with its ultra-luxurious fitting and expansive layout. CE LA VI comes with a terrace poolside, lounge and restaurant with a stunning view 200m above Singapore. Entrance into this outlet is free with opening hours from about 11pm. Observes a strict dress code and don’t accept shorts, flip tops and tank tops.
  • 1-Altitude – This is the world’s highest all fresco bar towering about 282m above Singapore. This is a spectacular with about 360° view which helps you see through to Malaysia during the day and a twinkling of light by the night. 1-Altitude observes a dress code which do not allow shorts for men and flip tops for ladies and as such makes entry free for women on Wednesday.
  • No 5. Emerald Hill – Emerald hill located along one of the finest streets in Singapore – orchard road is an exceptional bar which do not only serve as a relaxation spot but also keeps you at home away from home. An outlet name after its address has its cozy bar beautifully decked in warm wooden décor. Opening hours runs from 12:00 with no restriction to dress code.
  • LeVel33 – LeVel 33 ranked as the highest microbrewery in the world has enjoyed a steady rise to fame as one of the best bar and lounge in Singapore. Comes with stunning views across the Marina Bay and delicious range house-brewed craft beers. LeVel 33 opens up as early as 18:00 and has no restriction to dressing.
  • Loof – Loof which is one of the first bar and lounge in Singapore is not just the first but has gained standard in maintains a ranking amongst the best bars and lounges operating in Singapore irrespective of the competition around town. Opening hours from 17:00 with a happy hour lasting up to 12:30. Loot is an interesting place to be and experience absolute fun.