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Nightlife in Singapore

Posted on
16 December 2017
( 767 days ago )

Transformation of a ever-busy business hub to a buzzing networks of bars and nightclubs as soon as the sun sets is the Singapore city. Are you a tourist searching for the best place to relax and shake it off after a heavy day which medically gets you prepared for the next day? Welcome to Singapore. Nightlife in Singapore is one stunning experience no one would ever wish to miss because there is never a dull moment. If you are just faced with the experience of the day time, the you really have nothing to write about Singapore because the best of times are recorded after the sun sets.

zouk-singaporeSingapore is widely known for a lot of things and one of which is the nightlife which has been highly ranked. Nightlife in Singapore is an exception experience hence, is incomparable with life during the day, coupled with lots of features ranging from bars, cafes, clubs found in almost every part of the city. This ranges from large and modern to small and cozy outlets. Different ethnic restaurants are not left out as they are seen in Singapore ranging from luxurious and expensive to being ordinary and affordable which suits any class of person. Singapore also has a discothèque. This guide will go along way in disclosing top places where you can cool off and enjoy an exquisite nightlife in Singapore. Surprisingly, the street around your neighborhood is not left behind.

  • Top nightlife’s in Singapore
  • Zouk Nightclub – A nightclub where all you do is to have fun and buggy it down memory lane. This dancehall has been classified as a too notch nightlife in Singapore with over seven talented resident DJ’s such as Ghetto, Adrian wee, DJB, Boon, Mathew, Lincey etc. giving their best shot. Zouk nightclub is a reputable place drawing thousands of dignitaries from around the country to gather for fun and pleasure. Get the best of music mix and beats which leave your feet rocking all night long. If your desire is about having great fun, Zouk nightclub is one stand you should try out.


  • Club Kyo – Adorned with dark earthy tones, bronze wall panels and wood furniture is an amazing nightclub which is inspired by the art of escapism. Kyo is the best place for Japanese drinks ranging from wines, spirits, champagnes which turn you into a one night escapist on the Kyo dance floor. Kyo is a great ant interesting Nightlife in Singapore to experience. The beat just gets going.
    Blue Jaz Café – An independently night spot in Singapore which has been on for over 10years with the best of Dj’s. A combination of demographic and great vibes is all you get from the Blu Jaz café. The most interesting part of this nightclub is that there is absolutely no dress code but a simple casual outfit will do. Don’t just get in and close your eyes when you have a great deal to experience out there. Join in, get the vibe and get the feeling.


  • Altimate – Ever dreamt of clubbing with a killer view? If no, then altimate is the place. The view alone creates an ambiance which literally triggers you to stay longer and keep dancing to every beat. Altimate holds one of the longest skyscrapers in Singapore with a picture of an ultra lounge sit on the 61st floor. Alginate also features the best of cocktail with a beautiful crowd which automatically hypnotizes you leaving you no option than getting down on the dance floor.


  • Artistry – Ever had a mix of good music with great art work? Then think artistry. Artistry is a nice place to experience nightlife in Singapore. You don’t just dance to the music but is also thrilled with a wonderful sight of various artworks. All you art lovers, this is the very place you have been yelling to be.

There are thousands of places to keep your night warm and enjoyable. Take stroll along the canals, and admire the beauty and peacefulness of the city. Always make sure you have great fun while in Singapore.