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10 December 2017
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I’m a little bit like champagne – Bubbly, pleasantly sparkling, and lively. To appreciate the full aromatic potential of champagne, you must allow the wine time to open. Good champagne compels you to meditate on it and at length at its qualities, long after it has been savoured. Likewise, once I open up to you, you can be sure that you will truly enjoy yourself and make your experience an unforgettable one.

I’m a Singapore-based, fairly tall, feminine Trans-woman – standing at 1.7m tall, with a lithe/athletic US size 6 (which I credit to my involvement with various sports growing up, like swimming and running track), a perky 34C bust and a 5″ tool.

My mixed Asian heritage has blessed me genetically flawless skin, and a light-medium tan complexion. I am fond of the sexy feminine look, so I am often spotted wearing classy attires with 6 inch heels. I can switch when requested. I am often seen with light makeup, but I love to doll myself up for special occasions.

Many gentlemen describe me as sweet, intriguing, fun-loving, and easy-going, with a classically sexy edge. I am also affectionate and eager to please. I am unapologetically myself, and those who adore me for me, always come back for more..

If you desire the thrill of romance and/or platonic company without any of the complications, whether it is an hour or an evening, you will be in total bliss with me.

For bite-sized pieces of Nargis, follow me on Instagram @ nargis.holston