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9 February 2018
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Hey, I’m a Singaporean Chinese dominatrix for the past 18th months. And a little about myself… Standing at 1.65m tall, slim body, blessed with a pair of nice, perky & above average size boobs…Hahaha

How do I look? Personally I think I’m good looking but most will think I’m beautiful and of course there are a few who think I’m a nightmare. Like the saying goes “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”, so u got to see me to decide for yourself If I’m your dream come true or your worst nightmare…LMAO

If case u wanna see me for a session, I need to let u know that I require advance deposit for session confirmation which is a must! Do both of us a favor by not bargaining with me on my tributes. Fyi, I am not a social escort nor prostitute so I won’t engage in any sexual activities with u other than pegging u. Lastly I don’t send photos for privacy reasons and if u wanna catch a glimpse of m