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Written by: admin on 21st March 2018

kinki-singaporeOne of the best thing to do at night in Singapore is moving straight to a rooftop bar.

Whether it’s a sky-high venue with stunning vistas or a cozy low-slung rooftop gem, catch all the thrilling sunset views with a perfect natural breeze and experience a great difference between the evening breeze and an air conditioner. This way, you sure know what you are missing.

Finding a rooftop bar in Singapore is never a difficult task. Here are a list of top 10 best rooftop bars you can find in Singapore for your evening chill out.

  • Kinki Rooftop bar – A contemporary Japanese rooftop bar situated at the second floor of Custom House is one place where rhythmic blend of beats establishes a cool and high style vibes with a glamorous view of the entire city shinning like diamonds. A casual visit to this bar on a Friday night signifies you’ll make series of visit in a very short time.
  • KU DE TA – Also known as CE LA VI is one of the most popular rooftop bars located in Singapore. Sitting at the rooftop crates an ambiance which leaves totally overwhelmed by what the city could look like at night. An image you never imagined. Stay thrilled to one of finest atmosphere which keeps your memory alive.
  • New Asia Bar – The New Asia Bar is one of the longest running rooftop bar in Singapore. It opens you to a skyline of Singapore and extends to Malaysia. What are you doing with your weekends? Don’t trade it for anything less, come alive with great fun at this bar.
  • Level 33 – Regarded as the world’s number one highest craft-brewery is a penthouse which is highly sought after. This is certainly not an ordinary bar as it thrills you to a skyline of Singapore’s view whilst chilling with a bottle of beer.
  • Loof – Recorded as the first standalone rooftop bar is the Loot. Amongst competition of modern built rooftop bars, the loof still retains its position as services has not declined rather keeps improving on daily basis. Views from this rooftop bar is incomparable and the happy hour starting from 17:00 is a record that has not been beaten. Experience absolute comfort while relaxing to a sensational atmosphere.
  • Sum Yi Tai – Specializing in an Asian tapas and Chinese inspired cocktails is this east-meet-west rooftop bar. A three storey bar which boast of three different concepts on each level. This rooftop bar is designed to mimic the grandeur of Hong Kong in 1980s through its décor. It’s a fascinating place to cool your evening.
  • Southbridge – Ever imagined a combo of oyster and alcohol? I guess no. South bridge is one place that opens you to new findings. Not only is the combo amazing, the view also is spectacular. This rooftop bar well situated in a place which gives you a clear over look of the Singapore river.
  • Zafferano – A perfect place to kick bar and relax with Italian fare and drinks giving you a stunning Singapore’s skyline view through the outdoor terrace lounge. All Thursdays are free to ladies as commonly called the ladies night.
  • Lantern – Following its proximity to the Marina Bay, Lantern at Fullerton Bay Hotel opens you to an amazing and gorgeous views of the Singapore river. This rooftop bar is perfect for couple with their lavish bed-style arrangement.
  • Hi-So – Not relatively tall heritage building surrounded by a CBD skyscrapers tower over the bar and adjacent pool which creates a cozy and almost intimate kind of feeling is the Hi-So rooftop bar. Comes with exotic cocktails and free champagnes to ladies between the time frame of 18:00 to 21:00. A chill out at this rooftop bar is all you need for a well fulfilled evening.

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